Who are the people who have done the most to influence your personal development and in what ways were they influential

Many factors shape the kind of lives people live. Among such factors, experiences with some people, either direct or indirect, have special impact on people’s future lives. In my life, several people have been crucial. Among them, my mother and my primary school head teacher stand out.
First, my mother taught me some of the life’s most important values: honesty and hard work. My mother always stressed the need to be truthful with elders, peers, and relatives, as a prerequisite to earning their trust. For these past years I have lived, I have come to confirm my mother’s assertions. Additionally, my mum taught me that hard work is the only tool I had at my disposal to change the course of my life for better. True to her words, I have been able to do things in my life that can only be attributed to my hard work.
Second, my primary school head teacher has been influential in my life. The man was caring, understanding, and helpful. He repeatedly counseled me on the importance of being optimistic. It is because of optimism that I have been able to overcome the numerous challenges I have faced. I have always believed and hoped that things would work out for me some day.
In conclusion, this essay has shown that among others, people in one’s life influence their life significantly. In my case, my mother and my primary school head teacher have been instrumental in shaping my life.

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