Understanding the different essay formats

Course works are an important element of assessement in education. Throughout the different stages education from secondary studies to university, students write a number of class assignments that either complement their study or are like a final assessement to obtain a degree. The course works that students write are often done using different essay formats. Knowing how to write the various types of course work is essential. Each require specific cognitive abilities and helps develop different mental skils.

Persuasive writing

When asked to write a persuasive couse work, the objectif is to be convincing in the line of thought. Such essays necessitate very strong arguments put forward to support a certain position. A lot of research is required to obtain a good grasp of the topic and the points being supported. Arguments can be more convincing if relevant points refuting any other arguments against the supported view can be put forward. The tone should be in the third person and avoid using passive voice or the first person. The persuasive writing should be argumented with at least three paragraphs and maximum ten.

Critical analysis

Writing a critical analysis essay most requires critical thinking. The objectif is to provide a view point regarding a certain topic by analysing, and interpreting a literature. The course work needs to evaluate the points being made in the literature and arguments provided for or against each points. Consideration should be given to the logic and reasoning in the literature put forward with supporting or refuting arguments. In the introduction, the author should briefly be mentioned along with a sentence or two relating points intended to be analysed. In the body of the essay, each points being evaluated should briefly be stated. In conclusion, your overall appreciation of the work is noted along with strengh and weaknesses that you have perceived in the literature.

Exploratory writing

Unlike other writing formats that clearly mention the purpose, exploratory essays differ in the sense that it does’nt provide a clear scope but seeks to understand certain evidence provided. The course work does not state a question, critique, or defend a position. The purpose is to contribute in the generic form to certain evidence. Two different strategic methods can be used for writing the essay; the in-process or retrospective. The former shares the explorating process with the reader. The thought of the writer can be defined in the reading. The latter is much more creative, the writer having thoughfully researched and sharing with the reader.

The three types of writing format mentioned constitute but a general style. Essay format can be categorized depending on the tone being used; narrative, personal, the type of content; informal, scholarship, response, research, descriptive, definition… Each type puts accent in the adjective that modifies it. For example in descriptive writing, the aim is to put in evidence through discription often using hyperbole of features being characterized in the essay. Knowing how to write different essay format is essential as it help in the cognitive abilities but also for many different reasons that may be necessary.

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