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Thesis is probably the worst thing that can happen to a college student. The word comes from Greek, meaning some statement that is put forward. The purpose of a thesis is obvious. It is to support the main claim. A thesis must necessarily consist of a case study. That’s why students are assigned thesis directors. Some case studies even have to obtain permissions from the IRB – Institutional Review Board.

Essentially, the structure of a thesis is built around the main claim.

  • Introduction. Present the background and the reason why you chose this particular topic. The introduction should be five to ten pages long, depending on the subject.
  • Literature review. You should give overviews of existing studies and present materials that already touch on the subject. Literature review should be ten to fifteen pages long.
  • Methodology. You should explain how the study will be carried out and how you chose the methodology. In other words, you should explain the structure of your study.
  • Findings. Present your study results. This part should be relatively small and rather mathematical.
  • Conclusion. Combine your study results with the literature review and explain how your study contributes to existing knowledge.

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In fact, theses are such major works than some colleges even force their students to take thesis-preparation classes. Now, if you use a custom thesis writing service, you won’t have to worry about doing well in that class or having to spend weeks and even months on reviewing literature or conducting a study.

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