What are speeches?

Speeches are verbal expressions of some information. Speeches can express thoughts, present information and call for action. There are many more purposes, but those are rare.

There is one major characteristic for all speeches. It’s an audience. If there is no audience, there is no speech. The talk is then merely a monologue. In other words, what makes a speech is the reception of the communicated info. There has to be someone on the receiving end.

Speech structure

There are many speech types, and there are even more speech structures. Every speech structure has its own unique combination of talking and supplementary materials. Only by knowing which type of speech your talk is going to be most like, can you realize how your speech would be best structured.

There are:

  • Informative Speeches have to be full of supplementary materials (e.g. pictures, videos, charts, diagrams, etc.) The purpose is to communicate as much important information as possible. There should be less words and more meaning.
  • Impromptu Speeches are given with no preparation. Pretty, much these are on-the-spot talks that are often really hard, given no preparation time. They are meant to serve as verbal brainstorms generating new ideas.
  • Team Speeches usually mean a lot of preparation and supplementary materials. The team has to make sure that every speaker knows when it’s their time to speak. It is also very important that every team member does not exceed the time allotted for them.
  • Persuasive Speeches are usually very emotional. If you are giving a persuasive speech, make sure you have little to no supplementary materials. Instead, you should care about the topic, and showcase your emotions, persuading your audience to share your point of view.
  • Entertaining Speeches are for informal settings only, and are very rarely given in the workplace (for performance enhancing reasons).

Get a speech written for you

If you are struggling with speeches, there is nothing smarter you could do than go online and search for a speech writing service. You can now buy custom speech writing, and it’s going to be of good quality in most cases. You just have to be careful about not trusting shady services. Plenty of companies now offer custom speeches for sale, and some of them are scams. They are easily identifiable though. Be careful, and you’ll be fine.

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