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During the early days of my attendance to The Feast, one of the powerful phrases that I remember was that once we have decided to let God enter our life, be ready, because there will be no area in our lives that will be left untouched by His love. And you bet it happened and it continues to happen in my life every day.

I could practically share a few testimony of how God and my family have been blessing me for the past years but the pages of this bulletin will not be enough. And so, in keeping with our current series on “Happy Healthy Holy Money!”, I thought, I should focus my sharing on a topic related to money and personal finances.

I never doubted that all material blessings that are coming into my life are from God, but my old self have this mentality that I deserve it because I worked hard for it. The concept of tithing is not new to me. I have heard it before and I have to be honest that I found it to be too ludicrous to give 10% of one’s earning to the church or religious community. And every time I go to the mass, I have to make sure that I have some money in my wallet because that is all I can spare. To give anything more than that gives me the feeling that the church is already robbing me. Yes, that was my belief until I understood the concept of tithing through The Feast. Two important lessons I learned are: 1) Who am I to shortchange God when He provides for everything that I have. He does not need my offering because He is God but religiously giving my tithe is the least I could give in return for His unconditional love for me. 2) When I started tithing, I found more order in managing my finances. I am able to see my priorities and believe me, the 10% that I thought would make a huge dent in my monthly budget, was not that difficult. In fact, I feel I have more resources now than what I used to have before I started tithing.

Therefore, I think that we should just continue opening ourselves to God and allow Him to touch all aspects of your life, including your finances. God loves us and He would like all of us to have a life full of abundance. All we have to do is listen to His voice in our hearts so we may rise above the toxins of materialism and start living a life of abundance.

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