The Definition

Reviews are pieces of writing that assess and sometimes explain something. In other words, reviews are evaluations, though they don’t necessarily have to grade.

The major purpose of every review is a critical examination. Even though the majority of definitions say that a review has to be formal, informal reviews also exist. In fact, they are increasing in their number, as the Internet is growing, and the freedom of expression now moves people to express their attitudes out loud. That’s what reviews are for – documenting those attitudes.

In fact, every piece of critical writing can be said to be a review. Even essays are in some way reviews. They are just reviews of the writer’s inner world and their beliefs, attitudes and thoughts.

Informal and formal reviews

Reviews can be both formal and informal. Formal reviews are something you get assigned at your job (say if you are a journalist) or in college. They usually follow a format, which is not too strict, but nonetheless set by either your editor or your teacher.

Informal reviews, on the other hand, are written voluntarily. They are still written for a reason – either for a credit or for a monetary reward – and are usually found on the web. You can also find informal reviews in print press and various guides.

Review structure

A review is first of all your take on a certain thing or activity. There is no universal review structure to follow. Though, having an idea of what’s expected of you should help you defining what your review should be like. In most cases, it’s the type of review that defines the contents and the structure. As mentioned above, there are formal and informal reviews.

Aside from that, there are also different purposes for writing reviews. The purpose coupled with the type of the review is what should define the structure. Review writing is all about common sense. If you have it, you’ll choose the right structure.

These are different kinds of reviews that you are most likely to encounter in your academic and possibly professional career (if you become a journalist for example):

  • Event reviews
  • Literature reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Article reviews
  • Movie reviews

Tough luck writing reviews

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