Responsibility of mothers when raising a child


Mothers have a pivotal role in helping a child grow into a responsible person. Due to this reason, a mother’s responsibilities when raising a child become paramount. Each step and decision that a mother makes will have significant impact on the child’s life, especially during the younger formative years. So, it is imperative that mothers start teaching their children responsibility and impart the right moral values right from a young age. Even simple actions like setting the dinner table or tidying up their toys by themselves can go a long way in teaching children to be organized and responsible.

Children themselves make things easy for mothers with their habit of imitating grownups. Just by being a little careful about actions and words used around them helps in making the most of their imitating skills. If a mother is trustworthy and dependable, her children most probably will become the same. If a mother is a person of integrity whom her children have never known to lie, these young minds imbibe that same quality. It also helps when parents encourage kids to demonstrate to others how things are done. The appreciation received not only boosts the child’s confidence but the action itself reinforces the skills of the child.

Apologizing for mistakes is something the new generation seems not particularly fond of. However, mothers can have a tremendous role in developing this admirable quality in children. Blaming somebody or something and not owning up to mistakes can be a bad example set for kids. Admitting mistakes and apologizing readily can get across the idea to children that it is not shameful to fall short or say sorry. This teaches them to take responsibility for their actions.

Assigning children daily duties and small jobs in the household will help them feel important and inculcate a sense of responsibility within them. Perhaps the most important thing for a mother to keep in mind when raising a child is to have open conversations with the growing child and keep the communication line open at all times. The amount of love a mother can show to her child knows no limits. When this is backed up by an equal measure of discipline in raising the child, this young person will grow to be an asset, not just to the family but to the nation as well.

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