An informative piece of writing that is essentially an account of some event. Ideally, the writer is involved in the event. One of the most difficult things about report writing is being fair and rational. You wouldn’t want any prejudiced opinion, whether conscious or subconscious, in any kind of report.

Writer’s Involvement

It is absolutely essential that the writer is in some way connected to the event or the activity being reports. This is different only for a news report.

No matter the type of the report, the writer is supposed to possess sufficient in-depth information on the progress of some project or activity.

A report can also be an official piece of writing documenting some business activity. They are then called business reports. There are also progress reports that are common for projects and internships.

Different kinds of reports

All reports can be classified into 2 groups:

  • Formal reports. Usually written by working professionals and meant to communicate some important info regarding some business process or some business decision.
  • Informal reports. They can be written by anybody. The only condition is that the writer has to be sufficiently involved in the activity or the process being reported. These types of reports are usually assigned to college students. Statistically speaking, the most common report assignments are book reports.


The structure of every report differs. If it’s a formal report, the structure is more likely to be standardized and straight to the point. If it’s the latter, the structure is often not even necessary. The report can be then written in the form of free expression.

Reports also differ by the amount and the kind of information included. A formal report would usually require some statistical information and would ideally include a chart or a graph. Informal reports are easier, and all the writer needs to do is express their recap of the event.

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