Our Writers

Jack Petersen

Jack PetersenJack was born in Minnesota and has been devoted to his homeland state his entire life. He has gotten his Master’s degree in Public Policy from one of the leading universities in Minnesota. He loves living in his small town and working from there. He is married and has four dogs. He has three years of work experience doing statistical research for one of the sociological research companies. He is a Minnesota Vikings fan and loves hunting, drinking beer and going to football games.


Elizabeth Pacheco

Elizabeth PachecoElizabeth is an expert in human psychology. She has a Master of Arts degree in organizational psychology and works as a recruiting adviser. She loves writing about human psychology and watching Family Guy. She is originally from New Mexico and loves making home-made Mexican food. She is our top writer responsible for psychology-related assignments. Elizabeth is a Freudian.


John Bertolino

John BertolinoJohn works out of Michigan. He is starting his career as a part-time journalist. He has gotten his degree from the University of Michigan in English Literature. He is our expert writer of book reviews, creative writing assignments, etc. John enjoys listening to Grateful Dead and loves going to festivals.


Ashley Grabowicz

Ashley GrabowiczAshley works for a major corporation. She was born and raised in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Her work experience is not enough to get her sufficient pay though. She has brilliant education from the University of Sheffield and has a degree in world history. She specializes in ancient civilizations and what she enjoys most is writing on Mayans. Her favorite movie is Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto.


Claire Levin

Claire LevinClaire was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and has resided there her entire life. She has a Master’s degree in environmental studies from one of the small colleges in North Carolina, and her ultimate goal it to do everything she can to help the environment resist human expansion. She writes amazing papers on environmental policy and human-nature interaction. She is now completing an internship in one of the natural parks in North Carolina.


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