Money Back Guarantee

This page explains the refunds available on WickedEssays.

The policy has two components:

  1. Pre-approval
  2. Post-approval

VAT cannot be refunded. If you live in the EU and you have paid VAT, you do not get it back. You can only get back a part of the non-VAT money amount you paid or a part of it, as stated on our Prices page.


The Client is eligible for a 50% refund in case:

  • More than half of the deadline time has passed, and your order has already been assigned a writer
  • We were not able to find a writer for your revision request

The Client is eligible for a 70% refund in case:

  • Less than half of the deadline time has passed, and your order has already been assigned a writer

The Client is eligible for a 100% refund in case:

  • There were identical orders, duplicate payment, etc. In other words, a payment mistake occurred
  • We couldn’t provide you with a writer
  • The time is over, and you haven’t received the paper. If this is so, you do not get the completed work and you can’t use any information or materials obtained from the company in the process of the order being completed (doesn’t apply to revision requests)

If we did fail to deliver the product on time, we calculate a new price (value) for the order, according the timeframe, within which the product (i.e. completed paper) was delivered to the customer. If the client ordered the paper to be delivered in eight days, and we delivered it in twelve days, the difference between the prices for the two deadlines will be refunded to the client (doesn’t apply to revision requests).

Fourteen days (14) are allowed for the customer to approve the order. We count down these fourteen days starting the time when the final version of the product was uploaded to the client’s personal order page and starting when the deadline has passed. If the client failed to approve the product within the allotted timeframe, the product (i.e. the paper) is approved automatically.

If the client is not satisfied with the quality of the product, a free revision can be petitioned. The client can also set the order on dispute. They would need to write a note to us saying something like “I’d like to set the order on dispute.” This can de done on the client’s personal order page.

Every client should be familiar with the following when disputing an order:

  1. If setting an order on dispute, the client will have to provide examples and reasons to back up their claim.
  2. We will need some time to resolve the dispute request. We would need to talk to the writer, evaluate the paper, etc. We might ask the customer to provide additional details/materials to support their point of view.
  3. We evaluate every request separately. The amount of refund is set independently for every dispute request.
  4. If the client fails to provide us with the information needed to resolve the dispute within the fourteen day timeframe, the dispute request will be automatically cancelled, and the client won’t be eligible for a refund after that.

Fourteen days are allowed for the customer to resolve the dispute with our manager who handles disputes. If the client fails to provide us with the supporting information (the one we requested) within the timeframe set (14 days), we will close the dispute. Please see the Revision Policy for more information.


You can review your order and ask for corrections. Once you press “Approve” though, you will be granted access to a printable version of the paper, and you will not be able to ask for a refund after that. The customer who presses “Approve” confirms that they are satisfied with the paper received and have no objections or complaints.

The client has only seven (7) days to ask for a revision after the “Approve” button is pressed. The client has to contact our customer support to do so.

The client should not press “Approve,” unless they have verified the product’s quality and are fully satisfied with it. If the customer is having difficulties with reading the preview version, they should ask us for another version of the product’s preview.

If asking for a 100% refund, the client does not have the right to use the product or any supporting materials obtained from the company in the course of the work being completed. All the related materials become property of the company, and we can publish them on the web. We would do so for commercial purposes. We don’t have a paper database, so if the paper is googled or checked for plagiarism, it will link to our website. The paper may also become website content or a sample essay. This is done to protect our writers’ work from the clients’ abusing their right for a refund.

When do not guarantee the client getting any particular academic grade. The client cannot ask for a refund just because they got a poor grade.

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