Is it more important to be able to work with a group of people on a team or to work independently? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

Team work entails working together with an aim of achieving a common goal, while working independently involves solo effort to achieve a desired goal (Hackman & Richard, 1990). People will consider working independently or in a group depending on the personality and the prevailing environment. In my personal opinion, working in a group as a team has several merits than working alone.

When one chooses to work in a group, he/she is capable of producing greater results with minimum effort (Mary & Von, 2010). People can simply exchange their ideas, and out of those suggestions they would come up with better ones. At the same time, group work improves communication skills among individuals because people must communicate to understand each other.

Team work also enhances efficiency and makes work be completed faster. For instance, when I was doing my project in the university, we decided to divide ourselves into five groups. Since we were constructing an energy saver motor, each group was mandated to make different parts (Mary& Von, 2010). Eventually, we assembled the parts and came up with our motor. The work was extremely efficient and enjoyable. From the group, I had the chance to express myself and exchange ideas; hence, my knowledge was improved.

In the modern society, there are lots of complications that require team work (West, 2012). Even in industries, communication skills, co-operation and teamwork cannot be avoided. For example, while making a computer system, one company cannot achieve this task since it requires making of hardware, operating system and software. These three components are made by different companies before they are assembled together.


It cannot be denied that one can accomplish a given task independently with his/her own effort, but working in a group in many occasions has been beneficial compared to single effort (Hackman& Richard, 1990). The benefits are realized by each and every member of the team; thus, it results to developing many people.

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