Ideas for a persuasive essay

Persuasive essays are to be written on really controversial topics. That’s how you know that you will be able to make strong, intolerant or even maybe offensive statements. That’s how you would make your writing talk and persuade the reader. It’s a requirement. You have to be cold, calculating and rough in your writing. Your work must literally be on fire with strong words and ideas. Only then will you get a good grade for the assignment.

Not all ideas for writing a persuasive essay work. You have to be very careful to not forget the initial purpose of your work – it has to persuade. It has to be based on evidence. If you can’t provide any evidence, you should provide the reader with what you believe and why you think your point of view is right.

There has to be little debate going around in your work. You have to seem like you’ve made up your mind a long time ago. This assuredness has to pass to your reader. Only then will you know that your persuasion essay ideas were successful.

There are plenty of ideas for persuasive essays that you have to go through to find the right one. The topic has to be neither hard, nor easy. It has to be shallow, yet deep enough to make your work significant. There is one big thing in common among all the topics. The are all bipolar, meaning that two opposing points of view on the issue can be both right, and it’s an individual who decides which side to take.

In fact, persuasive writing ideas can be limited to the amount of truly important issues. Here are 33 of them that will hopefully help you understand what kind of work you are expected to deliver:

  1. How should we combat growing social inequality or is it natural and shouldn’t be dealt with?
  2. Should all education be free?
  3. Should the drinking age be lowered?
  4. Should colleges implement uniforms?
  5. Explore the debate between vegetarians and meet eaters.
  6. Were the hippie 60s significant and why?
  7. Organized military force and its pros and cons
  8. Gay marriage and its pros and cons
  9. Skepticism or acceptance?
  10. Should marijuana be legalized?
  11. Gun control – should we have the right to bear arms?
  12. Mothers smoking during pregnancy
  13. Is doing sports necessary?
  14. Should it be necessary to have a passport?
  15. Where does the privacy start and end?
  16. Is there free will or is everything predetermined?
  17. Should the government somehow combat high college drop-out rates?
  18. Should everyone being in the country be entitles to the benefits of social security?
  19. Should past criminal record have any impact on an individual’s life?
  20. Should the death penalty be prohibited?
  21. Should we stick to common law or should we switch to civil law?
  22. Should we always pay for music? Why?
  23. Are cigarettes more deadly than alcohol? If so, should there be a cigarette smoking age of, say, 25 years old?
  24. At what age should we be allowed to drive cars?
  25. Is the war on terrorism abusing or protecting human rights?
  26. Should taking a year off after college be a common practice?
  27. Should drunk driving be more strictly punished?
  28. At what age should we be allowed to vote?
  29. Isn’t four years too much to get a Bachelor’s?
  30. Should financial aid be available to all?
  31. Should some foods be prohibited?
  32. Should the foreign trade policy be regulated by the government?
  33. Is there God? Support your point of view with evidence.

Truly so, persuasive essay ideas are many, and all of them are good. The difficulty lies in choosing the topic that fits you most. It should not necessarily be the most common topic like “should we be allowed to have guns” or “should the drinking age be lowered.” There are plenty of persuasive essay topic ideas that are both big in their scale and easy to explore. There should be a healthy combination of depth and easiness in all good ideas for a persuasive essay.

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