How a piece of art has had a significant impact on your intellectual development and your appreciation of the fine arts

When a saxophone is mentioned, its name instinctively creates an image of a soothing sound commonly associated with jazz music. It is a unique instrument that has played a vital role in transforming the sound of music. The saxophone is also known as the sax to music lovers. Those who play the saxophone are called saxophonists. It belongs to the woodwind family among the numerous musical instruments. It is played using a single reed mouthpiece that is commonly confused with the one used in playing a clarinet. They are regularly made using brass (Segell 38).This remarkable instrument was invented by a renowned Belgian musician called Adolph Sax.
As a musician and an enthusiast of music instruments, I consider the saxophone a unique piece of art in the musical world that has played a vital role in transforming the sound of music. The main idea behind this invention was to come up with an instrument that could balance high power, and vocal sensation of the woodwinds and at the same time, to be the most flexible among the brass. The history of the saxophone is unique and it cannot be ignored. The history entails an interesting transformation from a simple novelty instrument, to one of the most recognized instruments in the world of music. It dates back to more than 160 years ago (Segell 83).
Thanks to Adolph Sax, the world will always have a chance to listen to the most soothing sound that can ever be produced. Personally I never got the chance to listen to the initial instrument but based on my experience with the modern one, I believe it was a brilliant invention. It has helped me to develop intellectually with regards to knowledge of the wind instruments.

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