Frequently Asked Question

    New customers

  1. Is my identity protected?
  2. We provide a full confidentiality guarantee. You do have to provide us with some personal information, though we use it only to contact you, and we will never disclose it to any third parties. You can be contacted by our customer support representatives when, for example, a clarification is needed.

    Your credit card information is absolutely confidential. If one of our agents asks you to provide you credit card info, please contact our management. The only instance when you can be asked for personal information is when we are carrying out fraud prevention measures.

    Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

  3. Can I pay after I receive the work?
  4. No, you can’t. The writer has to receive the payment in order to start working. We provide plenty of guarantees for you to be sure that your money is safe.

  5. What’s the cost?
  6. Please refer to an automatic calculator. You can find it on our homepage. Our prices depend on the number of pages, the proximity of the deadline and the academic level. You can also refer to our pricing tables.

  7. How do I get discounts?
  8. Refer to our Prices page for more information on discounts. We provide both one-time and lifetime discounts. In case you qualify for a discount, please contact our customer support.

  9. What happens if I do not like the paper?
  10. We have a full money back guarantee. Refer to our Money Back Guarantee for more information on getting your money back.

    If you think your requirements were not met, you ask for a free revision.

  11. Are references and the title page free?
  12. Yes, references and the title page are done free of charge.

  13. Do you sell pre-written papers?
  14. We do not. We sell only custom-written papers. We do not have a pre-written works database, so we couldn’t do it even if we wanted to. We are not cheaters though.

    Our policy regarding the uniqueness of our papers is very strict. If you think your paper was prewritten, you can contact our customer support and you may qualify for a 100% refund.

  15. Can I have the same writer work on my assignments in the future?
  16. You have to choose “Previous writer” in the order form (within the “Preferred Writer” feature). You will be asked to provide the writer’s unique identification number (#ID) or the number of the order they’ve completed. The order they’ve completed must be your order. This feature is not available for short-deadline orders with an 8 or a 24-hour deadline

  17. How will the paper be formatted?
  18. You have to specify which formatting style you want your paper to be written in.

    If you don’t choose a formatting style, the paper will be written in MLA. The font will be 12pt. Arial, and the paper will be double-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides. One page contains on average 275 words.

  19. Can I somehow increase the quality of the paper I just ordered?
  20. The completed paper will be of sufficient quality, no matter what. You can buy our “TOP writer” feature though (once you select “Preferred Writer” feature). Refer to our Prices page for the price.

  21. How do I get a plagiarism report on the paper?
  22. You just order it from us. You choose the corresponding option (“Receive an official plagiarism report”) while completing your order form. The report will be generated via PlagiarismDetect, and you will get it once you approve your paper.

  23. Can I get priority customer support?
  24. Yes, you just buy our Priority Customer Support feature. All you concerns and inquiries will be answered first. You will also be getting text messages to your phone with updates of when the writer started working on your assignment and when your paper is completed.

  25. Can I get an abstract and how do I make sure that it’s good?
  26. Just mark the “Add an abstract page” option. Your abstract will be just fine. We are professional writers and we know what we are doing.

    Returning customers

  27. If I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
  28. You choose the “Reset password” option. Make sure you recall and have access to your e-mail address. You would need it to reset the password to the control panel.

  29. How will I receive my completed paper?
  30. Once the writer is done working, you be notified either via e-mail or via a phone call. You would have to log into your user account to preview the completed paper.

    You will have to preview an image of the paper with watermarks on it. If you have any comments, you will have to provide them. If you are unsatisfied with anything in the paper, you ask for a revision. If you like the paper and if you wish to receive a printable Microsoft Word version, you just press “Approve.”

  31. Is there any plagiarism in papers?
  32. All our papers are entirely authentic. A plagiarism level of below 10% is considered acceptable. Your paper might have a slight plagiarism level due to common phrases, idioms, etc.

    We check every work before sending it out to our customers.

  33. What if the writer is late?
  34. You should immediately contact our customer support.
    What can be done depends on whether it was:

    1. Your fault
    2. Writer’s fault

    Whatever the case is, a new deadline would have to be set, and if it was the writer’s fault, a new price would have to be set, and a refund would have to be made

    Refer to our Money Back Guarantee for more information.

  35. How does the communication between me and the writer work?
  36. You have access to a user-friendly messaging system within the user control panel. With its help, you can contact both the customer support and the writer at any time you like. You would have to find your order and choose the recipient of you message.

  37. How do I petition a revision?
  38. Find your order page in the control panel and press “Send for a revision.” Provide your revision instructions in the pop-up box and set a deadline.

  39. Can I have the paper changed?
  40. You are free to ask for a revision in case you don’t like the paper. You have three free revisions with every order. Your revision instructions should not be contradicting your initial requirements though. If our quality assurance team decides that the paper provided did meet your requirements, you will be denied a revision.

    Refer to our Revision Policy for more information.