Essay format and their characteristics

Having a grasp of writing different types of essay format is beneficial not only during your education but also for various reasons either professional or for other purposes.  The types of course work vary some according to the subject others depending on the tone being used and even the context. You can therefore find course work denoted as; descriptive, research, exploratory, argumentative, critical, expository, literature, personal, persuasive, cause and effect. The present list is not exhaustive but reflects a wide variety of essay format that are written.

The adjective denoting the format also gives evidence to their contextual framework. A descriptive course work puts emphasis in describing what is termed to be the main point of the writing using vivid language such as to provide the reader a mental depiction of the different elements featured in the text. When considering an argumentative written project, the writer has as objective to argument a specific point in a literature either in favor or against.  In contrast to argumentative writing, persuasive essays seek exactly to convince the reader with regards to an already formulated opinion.

The structure of writing each characteristic course work in essence is the same. The difference can be found more or less in the type which will define its overall composition. In basic form, an introduction, a body and a conclusion make up the necessary components. More structured course work such as dissertations, thesis, or those asked in advance studies include abstract, table of content and references.

Essays when assigned often the academic instructor will provide a guideline as to the format either contextual or structural. The structural formating of course work take in to consideration the baic structure as noted but also the typical style of writing. Most common strutural style is composed taking in to consideration different referencing type. Havard, the American Psychological Association (APA), the Modern Language Association (MLA), and Chicago referencingare but a few characteristic methods of formating anessay.

In essence, the APA is widely used as a referencing method it incorporates in text and ends of text citation and often is accepted as a method of citation in social studies, business and many other disciplines. The MLA is used in the English and Humanities discipline; the Chicago referencing is another typical style used in social studies, political studies, and theology while Harvard can be found as a requirement for student studying medecine, natural science, behavioral science. Writing essays in these referencing styles will depend on the specific requirement demanded from the university or the academic instructor nevertheless, they provide a general guideline as to formating an academic work with regards to the specific style. Knowing how to write essays using a conceptual and structural is of essense for academic studies but it also enhances the cognitive abilities of critical thinking and analyses.

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