Do you think enough attention is given to physical education in schools?

Throughout the history of its evolution, pedagogical philosophy gave rise to many thoughts and ideas concerning the upbringing of children and the essence of a proper educational environment. However, the views of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi appeal the most to my understanding of education, and carry some solid truth that appears to be applicable to the issues of our schools and educational system. In particular, it is the philosophy of holism that captured my attention as quite an elaborated ideology for schooling. This educational and psychological approach embodies intellectual, spiritual, mental and physical development of a child. To my mind, such combination is vital for a person to grow into a worthy individual and member of the society. Today the role occupied by physical education in modern high schools is not as salient as it should be for the holistic development of a child.
As an ardent supporter of holism, I assign great value to such component of school program as physical education. The latter should be aimed not only at training children physically, but also promote a healthy way of life, sport activism, and active athletic participation of youth. To my mind, modern schools both in Europe and the Western world do not encapsulate such values into physical education classes. Moreover, another negative aspect is that children feel threatened by the guidelines and standard requirements of the exercises. Children are to be allocated to physical education classes in accordance to their abilities. Physical activities should be fun and engaging; however, it should be clear and obvious to children that it is not the victory that is of utmost importance, but their participation and efforts, applied to achieving the victory and certain results. Competitive spirit is quite important, but it might lead to aggression and anger encapsulation.

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