A dissertation refers to the major work of every doctoral student. It is very similar to a thesis, though it has more pages and is written on a much larger scale. A dissertation is supposed to contribute new knowledge to whatever field of studies it’s in. Essentially, a dissertation is a very long essay. Usually, it takes a year to write a dissertation, though it may take even longer. It all depends on how much time and relevant experience the student has.

Academic dissertations in certain fields require a case study to be conducted. Social science dissertations usually require the student to conduct their own study. That’s how they would show their subject expertise and fitness for further research work.

Topics for Dissertations

A dissertation can be written on any topic. There are certain requirements as to the depth of the topic though. It shouldn’t be too broad. It should be broad enough to be important and narrow enough to bring something new into the field of studies. A dissertation can be written in any field of study.

Just so you realize how many kinds of dissertations there may be: History dissertations, linguistics dissertations, management dissertations, mathematics dissertations, music dissertations, nursing dissertations, political science dissertations, psychology dissertations, technology dissertations, theology dissertations, anthropology dissertations, leadership dissertations, literature dissertations, business dissertations, economics dissertations, engineering dissertations, English dissertations.

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