Descriptive Essay

A descriptive piece of writing is above all an attempt to make the reader perceive some object or an event just as the writer perceives it. In other words, it is meant to pass on to the reader all the emotions and feelings the writer is having.

The reader is supposed to get a maximum amount of relevant information about the thing being described. This information should ideally be sensory. That is, coming from the writer’s sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste or the overall mental image.

One thing that’s crucial for all good descriptive essay topics is that they have to be writer-friendly enough to allow them to go into great detail expressing their emotions and feelings. Good topics for descriptive essays always allow the writer to pass enough information on to the reader to make them feel in the observer’s shoes.

There are many sources that tell you how to write a descriptive essay. The truth is one though. It’s all about attention to detail. No matter what your approach to describing is, there ought to be plenty of detail to make the reader feel like they are experiencing the object themselves. That’s the key.

You have to know your prospective reader’s psychology to predict what kind of descriptive writing will be most efficient helping them imagine the thing. A descriptive essay is essentially a combination of colorful depictions of components, both major and minor.


The structure of a successful descriptive essay is to be pyramid-like. This means that you have to go from big to small. You have to describe major objects or circumstances first, and only then narrow your writing down to unique characteristics of each component.


Descriptive essay topic ideas are too many and it would not right if some of them were named here. It’s all too personal. There are no such descriptive essay topics that are universal and that fit all people. To be more precise, there are no such topics that fit all styles of writing.

If you are unsure which kind of descriptive writing style you possess, it would be best if you could write a few 100-word descriptions of simple objects (e.g., a pen, a book, a bottle) and then try to compare and identify similarities between them. You would then know which kind of descriptive writing approach fits you best.

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