Conversation you have had that changed your perspective

Attitude and perspective have got the power to change anything. My attitude and perspective were changed six months ago while talking to my mother about my health condition.
During my childhood days, I have visited many temples and had a lot of faith in god and blindly believed that god definitely exists. However, as I grew older I came to notice a very important point that many of my prayers were unfulfilled and unanswered. Gradually, I developed a feeling that there is no supreme power that exists, and it is people who have created such wrong notions. Then I started blaming god for all my inefficiencies and mistakes.
I have been doing this for quite a long time, and my mother was observing this behaviour of mine silently for some days.
Suddenly, I had developed a small amount of belly fat around my tummy. Naturally, anyone would do some sort of exercises to get rid of it. I tried some exercises as well, but everything was in vain as I expected the result very soon. I visited a doctor for some other health problem and casually told about my belly fat. She said exercise is the only way to shed off extra pounds. However, if you feel any pain you can take a scan. I was having a very slight pain which normally all girls have; however, something struck my mind and I compelled her to take a scan. After seeing the report the doctor advised for emergency surgery as I was suffering from acute appendicitis. When the appendix in the colon gets infected it usually bursts within 3-4 days. If left untreated it would lead to peritonitis which will lead to immediate death. Since my appendix was between other organs deep inside, I didn’t experience severe pain. Something struck me to take an ultrasound scan, and I came to know about the fact that I was under risk.
I underwent emergency surgery and now I am reborn again.
While recalling the whole incident during my conversation with my mother, she made me realize the fact that it is god who has saved me. I did not even know that my health was under risk. She said that it was a miracle which god has done by showering his blessings on me very silently. She also emphasized that he will not come and talk to you in person but he will help you when you are in need. My mother taught me a lesson that day which touched my heart. From that day I changed my perspective and now I am really thankful to god, and I fully believe that there exists a supreme power.

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