Comprehensive guide to book essay writing

Writing a course work can be very demanding and ofen requires much research, analytical skills and critical thinking. Such can also be said when writing book essays. To be able to write what can be considered as an outstanding essay on book, it is necessary to understand accordingly what a book course work entails. Much of the writing in such assignment regards providing a review about the book or piece of literature.  What than do you need to include:

How to start a book essay

Being a review, the fondamental principle is to provide an opinion on the book, its characteristic, the content and the author. Good essays on books evaluate the book. To start such a course work, you need to begin by analysing and putting in writing detail characteristic of the book. This includes paying attention to characteristic features of the book including the cover, the style of writing, and the volume of the book. Obtain an appreciation of how readable the book is for the intended audience. Book essays should be the overall impression that you have obtained regarding the book and the satisfaction of reading the book. Therefore, if you are writing custom essays on books, knowledge of all the features is necessary before starting to read the book. And of course, to start writing your course work, you must first read the book.

When reading, take notes of passage that are interesting; that have captivated your attention. Remember; the aim is to provide a judgement on the overall impression that you obtained from reading the book.

Steps on writing a book course work

To write outstanding essays on books, take adequate notes when reading the book. Consider writing note on whether you felt the author achieved their intended purpose in the book, is there a specific relationship between the content; is the book comprehensible, easy to read, captivating. If it’s a novel take note of the characters; the main plot; underline each connected relationships.

Your book essay writing will start by giving a brief account of the author in the introduction and the intended purpose the author had written the book. Your review will provide a synopsis of the book touching point that has had most impact.


1)     If you are writing a review about a fiction book; start by writing a small introduction of the author and an account of the purpose the author had written the book

2)     Your synopsis of the book should talk about the general theme, the characters; it should give an impression that you obtain.

3)     The conclusion of the book essay will provide the benefits and disadvantages for reading the book. It should be a record of your satisfaction and whether you recommend the book

What makes the best essay on book?

When writing your book review, you can obtain insight from some of the best essay books for college. You may also want to keep in mind some do’s and don’t which could make your book essay among the most outstanding essay on books.


1)     You should provide your overall impression about the book

2)     Identify point of the plot which you appreciated

3)     Mention a character that you have favored

4)     Mention whether the author has fulfilled is intended purpose

5)     Be honest; recommend the book if necessary


1)     Don’t use exessive criticism

2)     Don’t write whether the book had been offensive in your point of view

3)     Don’t make negative comment with regards to the author

4)     Don’t exagerate but give honest opinion

By keeping in mind these few tips, you will be able to write fantastic book essays.

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