Comparative Essay

Comparative Essay

When some students get the task of writing a comparative essay, they often find themselves at a loss. The job of comparing two or more items may seem easy at first – it does not seem that difficult to compare one thing with another. However, difficulties may arise and this article will try to deal with them by commenting on the comparative essay format.

The free dictionary says that to compare is to ‘examine in order to note the similarities or differences’. An essay written in the compare and contrast format does just that – it notes similarities or differences between two or more phenomena.

In order to write such paper, a basis for contrast must be present. This is the first difficulty that can appear. There are two scenarios in this case. The basis may either be given in your assignment or you might have to come up with one yourself. For example, you may be asked to compare health care system in the United States and Canada. The task may specifically include comparing various aspects of dentistry. Or if the assignment is general you can narrow it down to effectiveness.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

You may be asked to compare:

* events (e.g. Thanksgiving in USA and Canada)

* theories (capitalism vs communism)

* figures (CO2 emissions in USA and China)

* fiction characters (Harry Potter and Frodo Baggins)

* climate in countries (Canada vs Norway)

In short, it is possible to compare virtually anything provided you find the relevant basis.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

If you look at any compare and contrast essay example you will notice that the format resembles that of any of other thousand kinds of papers.

The introduction not only grabs the reader’s attention, but in this case introduces the points, which you will be examining. The reader must also understand at first glance what will not be present in your work. You must also include your thesis, which should be developed based on the weight of similarities and differences. If differences outweigh similarities, then the focus of your thesis should reflect that and vice versa.

There are various ways, in which the body of such essay can contrast items. The paragraphs can be written either point by point, for example you describe New Year celebrations in the USA and Russia. You take one aspect, say, preparation. The first paragraph will deal with New Year preparation in the US, the second will talk about the holiday preparation in Russia. It is also possible to describe one country in the first few paragraphs and then focus on the other country.

Conclusion is the last part of the compare and contrast essay format. Your conclusion should mention your thesis and sum up your arguments. Finish nicely in a memorable way!

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

Good topics focus on not only on academic needs, but on something that is valuable for general public:

* Living in the city vs living in the country

* Which is better: active tourism or passive?

* Logic based and intuition based behavior

* Living in San Fransisco vs living in New York

* What is the best way to travel?

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