A comprehensive guide to understanding essays

Do you have a course work to write and do not know how to start? To comprehend what is required of you when your professor ask you to write a course work, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge as to what an essay is. From secondary education to university, a method of assessement of your assimilation of the material studied is done in part by writing assignments which may vary in topic.

As the author of the assignment, you provide a certain perspective depending on the requirements of the task. Writing an a course work is basically putting in paper a methodological, structured, logical, comprehensive point of view of the author in accordance to certain guidelines. These guidelines involve the conceptual framework of the assignment and the structural framework.

Conceptual framework

In context, essays differ in scope of the analyses. A course work can be said to be descriptive when the characteristic of the writen text convey a depicting mental image to the reader.every passage in such a writing style is said to describe an event or an element being conveyed. A course work can also be said to be pursuasive. In this context, the author’s main objectif is to convince. To write such an essay requires putting forward arguments in favor of a subject while refuting all other arguments against. Essay writing demands critical thinking and analytical as well as research skills.

The types of course work is not exhaustive and there is not a clearly defined definition which characterizes a course work. You can therefore find; research, descriptive, narrative, response, argumentative, personal, literature, compare and contrast, and other types of essays.

Structural framework

Writing a course work can be very demanding. A good course work should begin with an outline after having thouroughly researched a subject. The simplest structure consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. More advance essays such as dissertation and thesis will often have in text and end of text reference, a table of content, an abstract or statement of purpose.

The structure depends on the guideline required by the academic advisor but most often certain standards are followed by higher education depending on the subject being studied. For example, the American Psychological Association APA referencing style is often required for many course works and for students undertaking a major in social studies and business discipline. Other types of referencing include; Harvard, Chicago, and Modern Language Association MLA. Knowing to write different essay is essential for academic success but also for enhancing critical thinking, analytical and research skills.

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